Thursday, January 22, 2009

Before and After

For those of you who have been able to come see our new house, you'll be happy to know that our game room is no longer filled with boxes. (Halleluja!) Finally, a huge, empty room just like I wanted, (for about 10 minutes), then it became just like Daddy wanted! Just kidding. We're both really enjoying the new pool table. Actually, all 3 of us are! Jimmy is much more involved than I expected. Daddy plays pool around him every evening and he gets to play with the first ball that was pocketed. Not a bad deal! Aren't they cute?


**After trying to post this 15 times, it finally worked!**
We're also working on our colors. We really only worked on them at restaurants when they gave him crayons, but suddenly, he was identifying red objects. So, we've been going over them a few times a week. Coloring so much on the easel has really helped! They're not perfect, yet, but he's getting better at them every day. (By the way, he gets more right toward the end of the video clip, so don't give up after the first two.)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jimmy knows all of his facial features in French, thanks to Gran-Gran Bunyard. She showed him twice and a week later, he told them to her. Such a language sponge! He's known them in English for a long time, now. I wish we could find a way to cram some Spanish down him like crazy while he picks it up so easily!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jimmy's new easel

We ordered this easel online last July and hid it for Christmas. We worried about him being old enough to use it. (Back in July, he was a whole different kiddo! He'd just started walking.) He seems to love it, don't you think?

We've really been thinking that he seems to be left handed for a while now. We started noticing some tendancy when he started eating solids. Now, he often colors with his left hand . . .

. . . and his right, so who knows?!?!?!