Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Jimmy and I almost missed out on the Pumpkin Patch this year! I thought it went through Nov., but apparently it ends on Halloween. I found this out on Tuesday and the weather was supposed to be rough all week. Our best bet was for Wednesday, so we found a friend that could go on short notice and headed out. It was windy, cold, and soggy, so we took a few pictures then loaded the boys up and went to eat and play at McDonald's. I think we were at the Pumpkin Patch for less than 15 minutes - but I got my pictures. It's just too soon to let the tradition die!The boys would NEVER both look at the camera. I probably have 30 shots of them alternating who's looking at me.I forgot how much Jimmy liked riding these wooden toys. It was even better this year (as everything is!)Jimmy was really into the character cut-outs this year. He spotted the Backyardigans from the van when we pulled in. I asked if he wanted his picture taken with Diego and he jumped right in there with him. I was kind of surprised.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Super Why

OK, so every year, Daddy comes up with the plan for Halloween and it's my job to make it happen. This year was his best idea yet (I say that every year!) Jimmy is obsessed with the PBS show SuperWhy. It is truly the best show on TV! We Tivo every episode and sometimes I'm tempted to watch it during naps. It has incredible reading skills that Jimmy has really latched on to! Anyway, this year he's SuperWhy - with the power to read (as Jimmy likes to add). This year, Mommy finally learned to do shoulders and made actual pants instead of just shoving him into a flat body outline like I have the last 2 years (I'm pretty proud of this costume). I started on it Friday and finished it Monday morning, 2 hrs. before our Mommies Group Halloween party. He looked awesome. We'll take more pictures on Halloween, but some of you (No-No) were dying to see the costume. He's holding the "Super Duper Computer" that Daddy made (it's a key part of the show - seriously, watch it, you'll love it!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Check this out!!! I didn't eat my first whole apple until college, and I still have a hard time biting into an apple. Today, Jimmy didn't want me to cut his apple. I thought, "yeah, right," but he dug right in. He is still pluggin' away and has already eaten about half of this very large apple! I just asked him if he was all finished with his apple (he was kind of slowing down and trying to play with his trains one handed), he replied, "No, not quite." Mollie is chasing him around, just praying he drops this delicious apple.

Friday, October 16, 2009

While we were in Memphis, Jimmy and I also went to the Children's Museum. It was phenomenal. Jimmy had such a blast! On the way in, they told us, "Be sure to touch everything!" He had so much fun, he even ate some pizza for lunch, (which was all they served - he usually won't touch pizza).Yes, this is my child, about to hurl his fishing pole, (which he did). This was a model of the Missippi river with currents and the kids could send boats down it or fish with magnetic fishing sets. Jimmy's pole was still on a center island when we left.This little store was sponsored by Kroger - it was awesome. The items really scanned and the register printed receipts. There was a fully stocked store. SO fun - we went back twice.There was also a TV station. Jimmy made a rock video. We also tried a weather report, but the fans came on and blew like crazy and Jimmy was NOT having that!This area had a firetruck, police car, and police motorcycle to play on. Jimmy, of course, LOVED it all! It was a very popular area filled with little boys.There was a dress-up area filled with sports uniforms.

FedEx had a full sized plane in the museum. I think I was more impressed with the cockpit than Jimmy was. Overall, we had a fantastic time!!!

YIKES!!! Over 2 months without an update to the blog! OOOooops! I've been really busy selling stuff on Etsy, (which is GREAT!), but meanwhile, Jimmy keeps growing, changing and doing fun stuff. So let's backtrack a little. Mid-September, James' job sent him to Memphis for training and Jimmy and I got to tag along. It was the closest we've ever gotten to a family vacation. (What happened to us? We used to take a vacation every year at least - oh yeah, JIMMY!) Anyway, Jimmy and I had a blast. Here are some pictures from the zoo.Jimmy kept wanting to go back to the giraffees and elephants. They were his favorite. Notice the opening in the fence, so the little one can see. I could just push his stroller to the opening.The sea lion show was amazing. What a great facility. There were polar bears across the way in a similar set-up - only much larger! The zoo keepers were doing "chats" at certain times, daily, all over the zoo. We made it to the sea lions and the giraffees.Memphis is one of only 2 zoos in the nation with pandas. These are on loan from Bejing. They were really amazing and the other panda was sleeping against the glass. Jimmy said, "I no like him." They were almost too close for comfort.