Friday, October 16, 2009

While we were in Memphis, Jimmy and I also went to the Children's Museum. It was phenomenal. Jimmy had such a blast! On the way in, they told us, "Be sure to touch everything!" He had so much fun, he even ate some pizza for lunch, (which was all they served - he usually won't touch pizza).Yes, this is my child, about to hurl his fishing pole, (which he did). This was a model of the Missippi river with currents and the kids could send boats down it or fish with magnetic fishing sets. Jimmy's pole was still on a center island when we left.This little store was sponsored by Kroger - it was awesome. The items really scanned and the register printed receipts. There was a fully stocked store. SO fun - we went back twice.There was also a TV station. Jimmy made a rock video. We also tried a weather report, but the fans came on and blew like crazy and Jimmy was NOT having that!This area had a firetruck, police car, and police motorcycle to play on. Jimmy, of course, LOVED it all! It was a very popular area filled with little boys.There was a dress-up area filled with sports uniforms.

FedEx had a full sized plane in the museum. I think I was more impressed with the cockpit than Jimmy was. Overall, we had a fantastic time!!!


TexasHeather said...

Looks like a fun time! We love children's museums!! If you haven't yet, check out the one in Houston next time you are down that way. Very cool! said...

Wow! This looks really amazing. So glad you had such a nice trip. I hear you on the comment about no more family vacations. I'm itching for one that is not to Chicago (I love my extended family but I'd like to see something else!)