Sunday, August 16, 2009

What a BIG Day!

Wow! Saturday, we had a big fun day! Jimmy's been waking up really early for about a week (sometimes before 7:00), so I wasn't surprised when I heard him Saturday around 7:30. Since we got up pretty early, we were able to do a lot before naptime hit. We started our day by going to claim Jimmy's 2 free donuts from his Summer Reading Program. We let him choose - a chocolated dipped holeless donut with a white icing football on it and a chocolate dipped with sprinkles. He just about finished both - which is odd considerring he doesn't usually eat much breakfast.

For lunch, we went to McDonald's. In case you haven't heard, he now climbs to the top of the playscapes!!! Saturday, he went to a little higher deck that looked out a skylight. He hadn't been in that section before and, of course, he couldn't get down. We hear, "Momma, heeeelp," which he says often and I've finally learned to quit panicking about. I looked at James and said, "Start climbing, Buddy." You see, Mommy was quite content with Jimmy staying in the toddler area or using just the low tube that came straight out the slide. But, a couple of weeks ago, Daddy took Monday off and went with us to storytime at McDonald's and encouraged my boy to climb up. Lucky me - now HE'S STUCK!!! After about 15 minutes of trying to talk him down, we sent a little stranger girl up to get him. Once he slid down the slide, he headed right back up again, but I think he'll avoid the top deck for a while. (The pictures are actually from last Saturday, Aug. 8th)

After lunch, we headed to Home Depot to grab some little stuff, so Jimmy was excited to ride the tractors! In the parking lot, we saw a firetruck - Jimmy's favorite obsession! As we were looking at it, the firemen came across the parking lot. One of them yelled, "Open it up, put him in." We don't even usually let him touch it, just out of respect. We thoroughly inspect at least one firetruck a week, but we don't touch! Sure enough, the guy comes over and puts Jimmy in the truck! I'm so glad digital cameras are tiny and affordable, I keep it on me at all times just for this type of situation - How much cool stuff did you older mommies miss pictures of when we were growing up? We called No-No from inside Home Depot to tell her what we did. Jimmy was sitting on a tractor. So, what does he tell No-No and Paw-Paw? "I ride the tractor!" The TRACTOR? What about the firetruck??? What can I say, he lives in the moment!