Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Behind Again??

I don't know how some people do it! (Keep up with their blogs, that is.) This kid does at least one amazing thing everyday!!! He's constantly changing and growing. So now what, since April, let's see what's happened. Well, we're basically finished potty training. (we've had one tiny accident in the last 3 weeks).

Hmmm, we earned our new bike. Oh yeah, we decided since we were past his birthday and nowhere near Christmas, he had to earn his bike. 10 major chores. Cleaned up after I whacked our bushes (1 bike buck), unloaded all 4 loads of laundry each Monday (1 bike buck each week - 4 weeks), scooped up Mollie poo with Daddy (3 times for 3 bike bucks), and swept the garage (twice - 2 bike bucks). He shocked us and chose a generic dinosaur bike above the Diego or Cars bike. Then, in the end, he chose a cool Hot Wheels bike that revs when you twist the right handgrip. A few days later, we had this conversation:
Me: Jimmy, you want to ride your bike?
Jimmy: No, I want to ride Paulie's bike.
Me: No hunny, that one's not yours, we need to give it back. Let's ride your cool, new bike.
Jimmy: No, I schlink it's no good.
Me: What, why do you think your new bike is no good? (I'm panicked at this point.)
Jimmy: It falls over too much.

The reality is, this bike is bigger and he get distracted and his training wheels hit the grass and the big bike falls on top of him. But we always make him get right back on it. He likes to go either around the block or just rides two houses down and comes back and says, "I'm all finished." Long trips or short, no hanging out riding back and forth. Oh well, he's still young. Last chore - (notice, the bike is already in the garage, but has NOT been ridden yet!)

What else? Oh yeah, he finally likes the sprinkler and subsequently, the splashpark. (We even got him to take a shower this weekend with Daddy - huge milestone!!!)

Most recently, Jimmy and Daddy went and did the free project at Home Depot. They LOVED it! and Daddy said Jimmy was able to do a lot of the work. So they'll be doing more in the future.

Well, that's about it for us. I've been sewing like a maniac, Daddy's working like a dog, and Jimmy and I have been trying to squeeze all of the fun out of summer that we can!