Friday, October 16, 2009

YIKES!!! Over 2 months without an update to the blog! OOOooops! I've been really busy selling stuff on Etsy, (which is GREAT!), but meanwhile, Jimmy keeps growing, changing and doing fun stuff. So let's backtrack a little. Mid-September, James' job sent him to Memphis for training and Jimmy and I got to tag along. It was the closest we've ever gotten to a family vacation. (What happened to us? We used to take a vacation every year at least - oh yeah, JIMMY!) Anyway, Jimmy and I had a blast. Here are some pictures from the zoo.Jimmy kept wanting to go back to the giraffees and elephants. They were his favorite. Notice the opening in the fence, so the little one can see. I could just push his stroller to the opening.The sea lion show was amazing. What a great facility. There were polar bears across the way in a similar set-up - only much larger! The zoo keepers were doing "chats" at certain times, daily, all over the zoo. We made it to the sea lions and the giraffees.Memphis is one of only 2 zoos in the nation with pandas. These are on loan from Bejing. They were really amazing and the other panda was sleeping against the glass. Jimmy said, "I no like him." They were almost too close for comfort.

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