Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Trick or Treating was SOOO fun this year! I didn't even think to practice and Thursday night, we tried to teach Jimmy to say, "Trick or Treat," and he absolutely refused. He would say, "Trick or Agghhhh" or "Trick or (scream)" but refused to say it. We finally got it out of him once. We worked on it a lot Friday and during the day on Saturday. When Grandpa arrived for Trick or Treating, Jimmy wouldn't say it for him and shyly hid behind me. "He's not going to do it!" I kept saying (so sad that I'd worked so hard on his costume only for him to weenie out).

We wound up Trick or Treating with the kindergarten next door neighbor. (First, Daddy and I took Jimmy to the neighbors' for his FIRST Trick or Treat - Daddy said that was it for him and went to man our bowl of candy.) Anyway, Evan is quite the spitfire and grabbed Jimmy's hand and headed down the street. I walked to the first 4 doors with them and Jimmy DID say, "Trick or Treat," (actually, Evan said it for him at the first house - he even said, "I'll say it for him -'Trick or Treat.'") By about the 5th house, they were going to the door alone - I stayed on the sidewalk. I could hear Jimmy say, "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" from there. (Impressive for our insta-shy around strangers-boy!) Evan kept yelling, "I want to go to the Spooky House." Jimmy just kept repeating, "We goin' to the kookie house." There were a few that were too spooky for Evan, so we just skipped those houses. Jimmy and I went around the block. James said we were gone about an hour and a half. One lady actually recognized who Jimmy was and sang the song with us. She was very impressed. (Have YOU watched the show yet? Go watch it now!)
I tried to make Jimmy do a super-hero pose. Not quite, but still cute!
Hands - In. "Super Readers . . . "

. . . to the rescue!"

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So fun! Vivi was hilarious this year too. We went down my mom's street with the Jones' girls and Vivi at every house introduced her (Ariel), Kaylee (Princess Cinderella), her brother (Flounder fishy)and Meagan (kitty cat)as their costume characters and then their real names. As a bonus some houses got to hear how mom and dad dressed up the night before (Sebastian and the Chef). WOW!

Life Through My Eyes said...

Looks like everyone had a blast. What great memories!