Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Can you believe Jimmy's about to be 3??? Just 3 weeks from yesterday! Crazy! Want to have a good laugh? Click here for a flashback.

Here's my funny little boy on Feb. 1st for his monthly photo shoot. At one point, I said, "Don't stick your finger in Scruffy's nose, ewww." The rest of the pictures have a little finger in Scruffy's nose - of course, this was wildly funny!!!
Potty Training is going well. Our trip to Houston seems to have set us back a bit, but no biggie! We still haven't made it to Super-Undies. (3 days without an accident and he gets to wear his Thomas, Cars, or Diego undies which I haven't sewed padding into.) We used to regularly make 2 days with no accidents, but here lately, we're struggling to make it through 1. No worries, though, he'll get there.
The weather is still COLD, COLD, COLD, so Jimmy and I are getting a little stir crazy! On Mon., Wed., Fri. we go to storytime, but Tuesdays and Thursdays are long and boring! I've been doing some sewing while he plays or watches Diego, (AGAIN). He's obsessed with Diego and Handy Manny. At least they're good shows. Right now, James and I are making our First Aid kits for our cars. (He orders stuff and fills them, I sewed them.) I'll probably put those on Etsy later this week and he may sell them through his YouTube reviews. We'll see. Mostly, we're just piddling until the weather warms up so we can all get outside and play!!!

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The Dons said...

Amen girl! I can't wait till Spring although I have to admit today is pretty much a love love!