Thursday, April 15, 2010


Well, apparently, I've lost track of the blog again! James added some video, (messed some stuff up), and misplaced my snow videos. I kept waiting to fix all of this before moving on, but forget it! We've got big stuff going on around here!

Since January, we've been holding onto some licensed undies (Thomas, Diego, and Cars), that I did not sew a liner into. We told Jimmy as soon as he could go 3 consecutive days with no accidents, he could wear his super-undies. (We have a chart and everything.) Well, last Saturday, on our camping trip, we made it through day 3. (It's easy when you get to pee on the trees whenever you want!) So, since Saturday afternoon, we've been in super-undies. We only had 1 tiny accident - he told us 4 times at Sam's Club that he needed to go pee-pee and we made him wait, so we had a little "leakage," but no biggie. Now, every morning, he takes 20 minutes picking out his super-undies for the day. It's a big decision!

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