Friday, July 23, 2010

swimming lessons day 1

Jimmy was on a waiting list for swimming lessons and he got in. He actually started class on the 2nd day due to a cancellation the first day. Well . . . he's no super-star, but that's OK. As usual, he's the instructor's favorite. He did a lot of watching and was a bit spacey, but he did it! He got in, did what he was supposed to (sort of) and loved it. After the first class, my kiddo was the only one with dry hair! That's OK, he'll warm up. He's really funny, though - avoids the splashing, picks up the diving rings with his feet, death grips the instructor during floating, and during assisted swimming, lays like a dead fish and lets the lifeguard pull him around! But he loves it! And he's having fun!!

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