Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bike Ride

Here are Jimmy and I about to head out on our first bike ride with Daddy. It went better than I expected, but not yet great. Jimmy loved it. We kept asking, "Is this fun, Buddy?" and he kept saying, "Fun Buddy." Mommy's still a bit wobbly on the bike. (Who came up with that phrase, "It's just like riding a bicycle"? It's a TERRIBLE lie! I did figure out that I do better on the street. For some reason, the sidewalk makes me nervous and I swerve back and forth narrowly avoiding the grassy edges the entire time. With Jimmy, especially, I'm not wild about riding in the street, but I was much more comfortable. I'm still pretty impressed that he and I didn't take a spill! This weekend, when I took the bike around the block by myself, I had to put my feet down twice and I walked it around 2 of the 3 corners. I will get better and this will become more fun with a little practice. We didn't ride far last night, but man, my hips and thighs are burning this morning! My seat's too low for pedalling, but if I raise it, I can't put my feet down - which is more important than comfort, right now.


The Northcutt's: said...

love the pictures and keeping up with you all, wondering if you might need a helmet too??!! LOL!

Life Through My Eyes said...

Ridding a bike with Jimmy should be totally different than ridding a bike by yourself. Don't beat yourself up for having to relearn.