Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Jimmy loves his new bicycling helmet. James and I got each other bicycles for Mother's Day / Father's day. We were concerned that buying Jimmy a decent seat and a helmet would cost as much as a 3rd bicycle, but then NoNo reminded me that lots of people gave him birthday and Christmas money for precisely this sort of thing. So we got him a really cool ibert seat (google it!) and a very safe helmet that he loves. So, thank you to those of you who have given him money! (No, Uncle Zach, we didn't use his swingset money on this. He still has that money and I think we've found a good one at WalMart. We're going to buy it as soon as Daddy will have time to assemble it.) Jimmy's bike seat came in today, so we'll post pictures soon from our first bike ride. Should be really fun!!!

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Life Through My Eyes said...

That is a really cool bike seat. It’s great because he can see what is going on rather than just the back of Mom or Dad.