Saturday, April 25, 2009


Recognize this? Anyone, Anyone?
Us either. 5 minutes into our camping trip, Jimmy said, "Sit in grass?" I told him, sure. His butt did not even hit the ground, when he started squirming and squacking a little. I expected to find a leg covered in ants that were just begining to sting him, but we couldn't find anything on him. Then we noticed his leg. It looked like 6 or 7 large puffed up mosquito bites. I panicked and took him up to the house to see what Uncle Steve thought (he has lots First Aid training). By the time I got there, they'd all kind of run together to make one big swollen area the size of a half-dollar. We both agreed - ice, Benadryl, and keep a close eye on him. Now, it looks really odd, but doesn't seem to bother him. I noticed last night, as he was kicking me in the face, that it was very hot. It is not so hot today. Other than that - we had a BLAST!!! We all went to bed at 9:00 and Jimmy finally fell asleep, (on Daddy's face,) at 11:00 after lots of head rubbies. Before falling asleep, he rolled, flopped, sat up, sang songs, squeeled, and shouted, "Train" when we heard one in the distance. He finally settled in horizontally, above our heads, wedged between the tent and the air mattress. Neither of us had any idea how he could keep going and going after no nap and all that fun!

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