Monday, July 27, 2009

Big Boy Bed Update

That first night, when we put Jimmy to bed in his new big boy bed, he stayed in bed just fine. I checked him with the video monitor about every 10 minutes (Man, I LOVE that thing! the sound is going out though, starting to freak me out!). Anyway, when we went to bed at 11:30, he suddenly was not in his bed, but I could hear him snoring. I had put a bean bag under the opening of his bed, just in case. When I went in, he was perfectly draped across the bean bag, sound asleep. (He looked just like the piece of fish on sushi!) I decided I couldn't just leave him there, so I picked him up and put him right back in his bed. I think he missed one snore. He was so asleep that it didn't even really phase him to pick him up! Mom and Dad had both warned me that when we first started in a bed, we often woke up on the blankets on the floor. Luckily, last night, no floor time! I hope it was just the first night jitters! Again, though, he still is not getting out of his bed - just that first time. Glad Daddy was home to make a permanent impression that we don't get out until Mommy or Daddy lets us!

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Life Through My Eyes said...

It is wonderful you had the bean bag there and even cooler that you got in back in bed without waking him!