Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jimmy Poppers

Jimmy had his cardiologist check up today (it's been a year already.). They have you arrive 20 minutes early (which I find absurd!) When we arrived at 9:40, they took a quick history and did an EKG. They stuck 13 stickers on him, then let him help attach the electrodes. He also helped remove the electrodes and the stickers - (only 1, then he realized those HURT coming off - but no complaining.) So by 10:00 we were in a room and the doctor would be there "in a minute." At 11:59, (yes, TWO hours later), I was gathering my stuff to walk out when the doctor came in. Of course, there was really not anything for him to tell us. The hole is still there, it still can't get any bigger, it still doesn't affect Jimmy in any way, it could still go away - but becomes less likely to leave as he gets older. TWO HOURS in a tiny room with a two year old!!!! All for a 5 minute review with a doctor (who we adore and think is phenomenal, though). Jimmy did a great job entertaining himself. When the doctor came in, he was precious! Answered all the doctor's questions with "mmmhmmm" through his cheesy little "I'm nervous" grin. He did tell the doctor he was 2 and told him "Thank you" before we left. He was such a good boy. We don't go back for 2 or 3 years. I was finally able to hear the murmur. All his different doctors keep trying to show me with their stethascopes, today, I finally got it. I thought I was hearing him breathe. Anyway, when we think it has gone away (if it does) then he'll do another echo to confirm. But today, the EKG was all he wanted.

Once we got home, Jimmy thought he'd check the strength of his heart by playing with his left-over poppers from the 4th of July. Fun, Fun, Fun! I got the video because he was being so funny! He'd hold the popper and I'd say, "OK, throw it." and he'd grin and say, "mmmhmm," but do nothing - over and over. Like he was working up his nerve. Such a silly boy!

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The Dons said...

He's really chatting in this one and looking like such a big boy! I swear this 2-3 year old stage I think is the biggest changes we've seen yet in Vivi. It's crazy!