Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jimmy's Big Day

This morning, we transitioned Jimmy's crib into a toddler bed. He was just getting too big to lift over the side - especially if he was not wanting to take a nap and was fighting me! I made new sheets for his bed so that it was a little more exciting for him.

I worried that Jimmy would have a hard time climbing in, but he ran from his doorway and hopped straight into the bed like he was using a springboard.

He is obsessed with "Noo-nooing" his tag rag that I made him. He used to noo-noo everything and leave big wet puddles. We're currently stopping him from noo-nooing our shirt buttons as it's gotten a little creepy as he's gotten older. He likes to noo-noo smooth things. When he's tired, he noo-noos his thumbnail.For his first sleep, he took a nap. We only had to go put him back in bed once when he got out to play - YEA! Tonight, he went straight to sleep without getting out of bed once. I don't think most people have it this easy!We took him to McDonald's tonight for dinner and he did some serious climbing! This was the biggest play structure I've ever seen at McDonalds and the only way to slide down was to climb up a tube to the very top! It was probably 25 feet high. He loved it and climbed through twice. We were thrilled with his adventurous spirit!

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The Dons said...

This is when we felt Vivi became a big girl. Exciting stuff! Yes, you do have it lucky as we have a wanderer unless we put the childlock on the inside. Hopefully he'll stay on this easy train!